I will help you with the following if


We will have an in depth analysis of what you need from a website. Starting with your main online objectives, target audience, how to communicate with them, how to attract leads and increase conversion rates.
  • WEBSITE OBJECTIVES, what you want to obtain from your website and how you will do that
  • WEBSITE WIREFRAME, the roadmap of your website that makes the user journey as smooth as possible.
  • MENU STRUCTURE, knowing what pages to show in the main menu and what usefull information you want the user to see first time they land on your website.
  • PAGE LAYOUTS, what each page of your website should contain, making sure the user if kept engaged with your content.
  • CODING, what platform is most suited for your website and what modules or plugin you will need.
  • CONTENT, what type of text you need and how it should be written based on your target audience.
  • SEO, all the tips and tools you need for your ON SITE SEO to make sure you rank higher in search results.
I will help you with the following if


We'll go through all the pages and analyze each element to see how they fit with your clients objectives and brand positioning.
  • MENU STRUCTURE, to see if we are showcasing the main information of the website.
  • PAGE LAYOUTS, to make sure each page is designed right and has all the information useful for the user
  • CODING, to make sure your website has all the right modules and plugins it needs.
  • CONTENT, to make sure your content and copywritting is aligned with your clients need and the brands positioning.
  • SEO, to make sure all the check marks have been done and deliver an outstanding ON PAGE SEO website.